International Referee

1st International Referee Course

WKF conducted its first International Referee course on 12th and 13th June 2006 in India and test exams on 13th June 2006 for Asian region as scheduled and issued International Referee License to 12 qualified and experienced candidates of Sri Lanka, Nepal and India.

Referee certificates were also issued to 14 successful participants who have attended the International  referee course. They were recorded in the roll of registered referees and will be upgraded to International Referee upon submission of their supporting documents.

The objects of the Int’l Referee course was :

  • To identify, train and prepare match officials for the coming SAG, Asian Games and World championship and other International tournaments.
  • To regularize the International referee license across the world within the frame work of rules and regulations of World Kabaddi Federation.

Int’l Referees (Licence holders ) for the year 2006 – 2009

Tara Singh Bhat
Yagya P Sharma
Suryajeet Singh Prof. Sunil Kumar  Sukhdev Singh  Achyut R Marandi
Nepal Nepal India India India India
A Prakash Rao
Chhaya P Rao Ajith P Indrimuni Bhimsara JNTPG Rathnanayake Parmananda J.
India India Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Uma Shankar Vasisht Vijay Pal Sharma Ranjeet Singh
Devender Kumar Mr. Shiva Bhakta Sainju  
India India India India Nepal  

Registered Referees

S. No. Name
Reg. No.
1. Anandan Jaya Kumar 24.03.1972 India 0049
2. Anandan Prem Kumar 01.04.1967 India 0051
3. Dinesh Bahadur Pal 20.05.1963 Napal 0039
4. Mahendra Kumar Sahu 12.08.1976 India 0032
5. Narender Kumar 14.02.1972 India 0047
6. Pramod Kumar 15.10.1960 India 0046
7. Ramesh Kumar Sahu 31.12.1970 India 0026
8. Ram Dhan 24.04.1955 India 0033
9. Santosh Prajapati 06.11.1968 Nepal 0030
10. Velayudhan Unni Krishan 14.12.1967 India 0050
11. Virender Singh 12.07.1973 India 0052