Code of Ethics

The World Kabaddi Federation is aware of its responsibilities towards its International Technical Officials and having granted certain privileges to them, it is obliged to ensure such individuals realize and respect their responsibilities and duties as below:

  • Conduct himself/herself with dignity on and off the field of play at all times and shall, by personal example, Endeavour to inspire the true principles of fair play and to earn the respect of those whom he / she serves.
  • Not cause the WKF to become involved in any controversial matters and shall abide by the rules and regulations and jurisdiction in which he/she officiates.
  • Adhere to all international standards and directives.
  • Always be neat in appearance and maintain a high level of physical and mental fitness.
  • Study the Rules of Kabaddi and be aware of all changes and shall enforce all said laws and changes.
  • Perform his / her designated responsibilities, including attending organized clinics and trainings and shall assist his / her fellow official to upgrade and raise their standard of officiating.
  • Honour any appointments made for and accepted by him / her unless unable to do so by virtue of illness or personal emergency.
  • Not publicly criticize officials and members of any organisation.
  • Not make any public statements to media relating to any game.
  • Follow the correct lines of communication to the WKF Referee committee.
  • All Technical Officials shall be subject to disciplinary action, should he / she not comply with this Code of Ethics.
  • In so far as possible, The Code of Ethics shall include and govern the conduct of the instructors.