Annual subscription fee & Entrance fee from 23rd September 2015 subject to change:
(@ US$ 1= Rs.65.00)

Membership/ Affiliation fee:

Life member: Rupees Two hundred thousand only(Approx. US$.3,077.00) one time
Corporate member: Rupees Two hundred thousand(Approx. US$ 3077.00) one time
Ordinary member: Rupees Twenty thousand only(Approx. US$ 308.00) p.a
Affiliate/ Associates members: Rupees sixteen thousand only(Approx. US$ 246.00) p.a
Associate member: Rupees Ten thousand only(Approx. US$ 154.00) p.a
Affiliate Club & Association: Rupees Two thousand only(Approx. US$ 31.00) p.a
Provisional member: Rupees Four thousand only(Approx. US$62.00) p.a
Supporting member: Rupees Fifteen hundred only
(Friends of Kabaddi):
(Approx. US$ 23.00) p.a 

Entrance fee:

  • Rupees Two thousand only (Approx. US$ 31.00) one time at the time of application for all members except Life members, Corporate members and Supporting members.
  • Rupees one thousand only (Approx. US$ 15.00) one time at the time of application for Supporting members (Friends of Kabaddi)

The membership and membership renewals * will be done with the following minimum mandatory documents: 

  • Certificate of registration.
  • Statute or MoA & AoA of the Organisation.
  • List of the Governing body with designation & their contact address.
  • Fees in crossed Bank draft or deposit receipt into Savings A/c 34362837987 of World Kabaddi Federation with State Bank of India Dharamshala, Kangra (Branch code. 00634)
  • * List & address of latest State units.  For National Federations and Associations only.
  • * Minutes of last AGM and Audit report.  For National Federations / Associations only.
  • * ID proof and Address proof along with PP size photo & Bio data for Life members only.
  • Any other relevant documents as required by WKF.

Certified/ attested documents should be submitted along with the membership / renewal application form. Fees will be returned to the applicant incase if the membership is not approved.