Objective of WKF

Main Objective

The main objects for which the Federation is established are :-

  • To promote and develop the game of Kabaddi and Physical Education as a global game  and to promote the noble ideals of the olympic movement among member countries of Kabaddi Organisations.
  • It shall be the sole organisation in charge of all forms of Kabaddi sports in World; the representative authority in all other world bodies responsible for common wealth, continental, International and world games.
  • It shall protect the game of Kabaddi from introduction of improper methods and practices by National and regional bodies which may bring the game into disrepute.
  • It shall help develop the moral and physical qualities of the players and youth of the world by regular activities in Kabaddi, Physical education, friendship, International respect and goodwill.
  • It shall act as arbitrator in settlement of disputes of member countries and affiliates arising out of membership disputes and others.
  • It shall organise and sanction International competitions, official World Cup, world game and all other international tournaments.
  • To recommend in capacity of final authority of Kabaddi with any Government of a country for recognition of the Kabaddi Federation affiliate member organisation as a controlling body of the respective forms of Kabaddi at National level in case, if there are disputes.