Registration of International Technical Officials

The registration of International Technical Officials is critical to maintain a high standard of officiating in all international tournaments sanctioned by the WKF.

A Technical official is not eligible to officiate any team in any sanctioned international tournament until this registration is completed and sent to the WKF secretariat for official registration and licence.

The procedure for the accreditation of International Technical Officials would be as follow:

  • The said Technical Officials must have passed the highest level of Technical Officials course/ courses conducted by the WKF, respective regional or national associations.
  • These officials would then be registered with the WKF on the attached forms. A copy of their certificates of the course/s mentioned above must also be attached.
  • All forms must be filled in triplicates. One copy would be maintained by the WKF secretariat, one copy would be maintained by the Chairman, Referee committee and one copy would be maintained by the respective regional Confederation.
  • All registered International Technical Officials would be issued with an official certificate / license upon payment of fees as per WKF rule.
  • Candidates are encouraged to submit their registration forms through their respective National Associations or regional Confederations
  • Each regional affiliate would be allowed to register a maximum of 50 officials during a year.
  • Additional registration of technical officials would be guided by the rules of the WKF.
  • Non registered official would not be allowed to officiate in future international competitions.
  • Registered officials are likely to be required to sit for a training / seminar or competency test.
  • All technical Officials will also have to abide by the Code of Ethics.

Click here to download Technical Official Registration Form